A Fairy Dust and Pizza Crust Hike and Slice™

As part of our “Hike and Slice” series, we set out to stay healthy by doing a 5K (at least) by hiking through nature (rather than our usual running) and then indulging on some pizza from some of the more famous, or infamous, pizza joints. Sometimes we’re not sure which is more challenging…the trails or the pizza!

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Fairy Trail at South Mountain Reservation

I recently went on a hike that caught my interest when first hearing about it. The trailhead was in Millburn, New Jersey and it seemed quite popular when I arrived. I had a friend come along with me to see what her experience would be like as well. I must say I had very high hopes for this trail and not everything met my expectations but, overall, the trail was very pretty and aesthetic.

Lauren and Ashley on the Fairy Trail

The little, tiny houses, I must admit, I had the highest hopes for, hence the title of the trail “The Fairy Trail.” Although they were very cute and petite, I thought that a lot more effort would go into the houses. This trail is definitely for kids looking for something cool and for the adults who are kids at heart.

Little dwelling on the Fairy Trail

I thought that the houses were going to be something along the lines of a somewhat cottage-looking household but, instead, they looked like they were made out of the supplies the creators found in the woods along with toothpicks stacked on top of each other. I still found it very exciting, thrilling, and looked forward to the next house.

Another little house on the Fairy Trail

The woods and trails were very clean and there were a lot of options to where you could go, which is a good thing since everyone wouldn’t be forced to go the same way. Also because it’s good for the condition the world is in with the need for social distancing right now.

Stream along the Fairy Trail

Overall it was an extremely well-visited area and I would definitely go again with friends!

Pizza Land

After the hike, which ended up being longer than anticipated, we went to Pizza Land in North Arlington, New Jersey. It’s more of a hole in the wall so you really have to find it tucked away in an old neighborhood.

As seen in the Sopranos

In my personal opinion, I think that Pizza Land is highly overhyped just because of it’s known for being featured on The Sopranos. I wouldn’t be too excited about coming to this establishment and getting your hopes up, unless it is more or less than a day out or if you don’t feel like cooking and would rather get take-out.

The people there were truly welcoming and very cordial. They even cleared two tables for us to sit at when it was clear that they weren’t having anyone eat in the establishment.

Their crust was probably my favorite part about the entire pizza. It had sort of a garlic taste to it and was very satisfied about it. The cheese, however, was pretty greasy and the oil was practically running down the pizza. I can’t really judge that because a lot of pizza is like that here in America. The cheese was pretty good as well and everything seemed to be cooked well too.

A Pizzaland pie!

I think my hunger level was very high because of the hike as well so it may have affected my appetite. So I would have eaten the first thing that was in front of me.

I would definitely have to come back when my hunger isn’t so addictive. As this comes to a clear end, I thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and would definitely recommend.

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