OUTGOING…that’s Alan…certainly not Melissa…
CREATIVE…that’s both of us…
FRIENDLY…that all depends on who is in front of us…
ENTHUSIASTIC..well…we’re definitely passionate, excited, and have a LOT to say!

That’s us…Alan and Melissa…WE…are all of that and MORE. True…we are NOT young influencers posing flawlessly and being totally fake in front of a camera for Instagram and TikTok. But we do have four degrees between us. We’re old…but we’re not fossils.

Melissa is caustically funny…the mother of two adult children and recent empty nester. She is a five-time Marathoner and former running coach and Girl Scouts leader.

Alan is more deliberate…everything bothers him. He is the father of two adult children. Oh, and a new grandfather too! He is only a two-time Marathoner but has one Dopey Challenge to his credit, former field hockey, basketball, softball, and baseball coach.

We both love to travel all over the globe in search of the well-known and, more so, the unknown. More than anything, we try to bring the spirit of adventure!

We have been traveling and eating our way around the world and we are documenting our adventures of food, fun, hiking, and heckling…as well as other thoughts that just happen to cross our minds or bother us.

Of course, we are not your “traditional” travel enthusiasts because we have the luxury of years of knowledge and experience. We bring a spirit and a desire that others could not possibly bring because we have had the chance to do so much more.

Our kids – Eddie, Beckie, Erin, and Lauren – think we’re nuts, but we don’t care. We coerce them, and their partners, as much as we can. And they are sprinkled in here and there, whether they like it or not.

We welcome the chance to explore your little corner of the world and tell everyone about it…in our own down-to-earth and, sometimes, snarky way.

Hope to see you knocking around soon!!!!!

Melissa and Alan