An open letter to Annie Lennox…the irresponsible self-proclaimed political activist

Dear Ms. Lennox,

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I loved your music. I listened to you quite often…and one of your songs was even on my play list for when I would go for my daily runs while training for the marathons I did. I found your words inspiring. And, now, I find your words sickening and revolting.

You have over 788,000 people following you on Instagram. And you are very irresponsibly putting out a false narrative and “calling to arms” of people who will blindly follow your rantings simply because you are a celebrity. How can you be so talented yet so damn ignorant?

I ask you…how would you feel if you were captured…stripped naked…gang-raped…and then tied to a pole on a pick-up truck and driven around displayed as a trophy?

What if that were your daughter…or granddaughter?

For you, Ms. Lennox, as well as all of you people referring to an “Israeli genocide”…please let me know how YOU would feel if that were you…YOUR daughter or YOUR granddaughter getting captured…stripped naked…gang-raped…and then tied to a pole on a pick-up truck and driven around displayed as a trophy. Better yet…please let me know what YOUR solution would be if you were continually being attacked, savagely beaten, tortured and killed, for no other reason than being of a specific religion or national origin.

Hamas is a terrorist group. They exist for no other purpose than to…wait for it…terrorize people. That’s right…shout it right out when you know the answer. They are not “the Palestinians” who are thought to be the adversaries of the Israeli army. The Palestinians…whoever they actually are at this point…are not the enemy. The enemy is the terrorist groups that hide behind the civilian Palestinian people who are just trying to live a peaceful existence.

Let’s be perfectly clear. Israel is not always right. Israel is not perfect. No country is perfect. No people is perfect. But let’s get something straight. How can a country defend itself against terrorists? How can a country fight against an enemy that 1) hides amongst the civilian community; 2) sets up its headquarters and intelligence bases in the bowels of a hospital; 3) hides its munitions in public schools; 4) builds a sophisticated network of tunnels under civilian communities to transport fighters and military equipment; 5) uses women, children, the elderly as human shields; 6) does not respect human life and/or human dignity.

Explain to me…General Lennox…and all of the military strategists protesting on college campuses throughout the United States…how would you solve the problem of Hamas…of Hezbollah…of all of the other extremist terrorist groups?

While everyone this side of Mount Sinai are demanding Israel relent and enter into a two-state solution (I, personally, am not against a two-state solution…a PEACEFUL two-state solution) Hamas’ leaders have stated very emphatically that their goal is to destroy Israel. Hezbollah wants to destroy Israel. Iran wants to destroy Israel. Those entities have all stated that for public information. They hide their bodies…shield themselves from being captured…however…they don’t hide THAT…their initiatives to destroy an entire nation.

So, Ms. Lennox…General Lennox…Philosopher Lennox…who is intent on the “genocide” here? It seems to me…now I may be wrong…that Hamas and the others are trying to commit genocide by wiping Israel off the map…but not before they capture…strip naked…gang-rape…and then tie women to a pole on a pick-up truck and drive them around displayed as a trophies.

And I will no longer follow you on Instagram. So…take that! Nyah!

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  1. Great letter! I am at a loss to explain how Hamas is viewed as anything but a terrorist organization.

    Good work!


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